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Chris Paul Gets Frozen In Time By Andre Drummond, Reminds Everyone Why Trying On Defense Is Wildly Overrated






I know you have to try on Defense when it’s your job and you’re in the NBA (don’t tell James Harden or Carlos Boozer this) but this is exactly why you shouldn’t. What’s the benefit? You steal the ball and no one ever remembers? 2 points for your team, yay! What’s the downside? You get crossed up by a 7 footer and die on the court like a sniper got you from the catwalk. Brutal cross up there, just froze Chris Paul in time. If you play in a pick up game you know, rule number 1, never try too hard on Defense when guarding a person out in space, the only real outcome is you get embarrassed and hurt your ankles/pride. Give em space, then when they drain a three pretend to close out at the last second with a weak hand in the face to show you “tried”. Here endeth the lesson. Be smarter Chris Paul, be a lot smarter.




I love that Andre Drummond had no idea what to do with the ball once he completed the move. Like a big man running a fast break, just start dribbling the ball higher and higher till it goes flying off your foot. Never got to this part of the story. AND 1!