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Woman Rear Ends Car, Cops Show Up And Find Greatest Shopping List Of All Time. "Chicken, German Potato Salad, Cocaine, Xanax, Pepsi, And Get High"


(Source) Police are investigating a crash in which a 21-year-old Collegeville woman rear-ended a 76-year-old Lafayette Hill man and was allegedly in possession of a list that included German potato salad, Cocaine, get high, and Pepsi, according to Whitemarsh Police.

Officers responded to a crash at the stop sign on Joshua Road at Cedar Grove Road just before 1 p.m. on April 28, and found that Carolyn Murray, 21, of Collegeville, had rear-ended the Whitemarsh man who was waiting at the stop sign, according to police.

There were no signs that Murray attempted to stop at the sign, and Murray’s “was very out of it, her speech was slurred and she had no idea where she was,” police said.
While helping Murray to find her insurance cards and registration, police allegedly found a yellow index card in her center console with the following list: “chicken breast, German potato salad, Pepsi, Xanex, Cocaine, get high and muscle relaxers.”

Whitemarsh Ambulance took Murray to Chestnut Hill Hospital for a check-up, and Murray’s blood was drawn; charges are pending lab results, police say.


What a fucking list. Literally everything you need for a blow out party. Chicken Breast, xanex, not just any potato salad but GERMAN potato salad, Pespi and cocaine. I don’t know where Carolyn Murray is partying but I want in asap. Unfortunately for Carolyn though, I’m pretty sure that whole “Get High” note on her shopping list did her in. If you have to actually write down a reminder to get yourself high after buying a ton of pills and cocaine there is probably a good chance that you’re already high to begin with. Just don’t think that’s a common thing people do. Buy a shit load of drugs and then leave them in their car completely forgetting that they should actually, you know, do the drugs. Just seems like something only a really high person would do, remind their already high brain that they need to remember to get high again. I mean if we’re being perfectly honest here, the list should say “Eat German Potato Salad” because I can’t tell you how many times I buy something from the grocery store and forget to eat it.