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Luke Petitgout’s Wife Is A Jenna Haze Doppelganger. Oh Yeah, And She Was Apparently Cheating On Him And Luke Allegedly Punched The Guy In The Face



Page Six-  A Queens restaurant manager says former New York Giant Luke Petitgout punched him in the face after catching him on a date with his wife — whom he had met on an adult hookup site.  Testifying Monday in Petitgout’s Manhattan attempted-assault trial, John Constantinides, 44, said he first met Jennifer Petitgout, 38, on the site Adult Friend Finder.

“Is it fair to say that that’s some kind of swinger Web site?” asked Petitgout’s lawyer Dennis Ring in Manhattan Criminal Court.  “It’s an adult Web site,” Constantinides answered.  “Where people meet not for the purpose of dating but really for the purpose of having sex, is that correct?” the lawyer pressed.  “That’s correct,” he said.

Petitgout, 39, is on trial for storming into 48 Lounge in Rockefeller Center on June 5, 2014, and allegedly slugging Constantinides before slapping wife Jennifer.  It was the first time Constantinides had met his date in person. He had chatted with the New Jersey mother of three on the X-rated site using the name hardbod718 and the pair had exchanged nude photos, he testified.  After an hour of sipping cocktails, Petitgout “came from behind and sucker-punched me,” he testified.


Okay, there is a lot to digest in that story.  First and foremost, the username “hardbod718″ is flat-out embarrassing, even if your body is toight like a toiger.   Plus, as we discussed last week, if you are trying to impress a girl, you should be repping the 212 area code instead of the 718 area code.  KDogz98 thinks that username is ridiculous.  And don’t give me this “sucker-punch” stuff.  Luke Petitgout doesn’t strike me as a sucker-puncher.  I mean the guy once had five false starts in one NFL game.  He was just a little quicker to the punch than most fighters.  As for slapping his wife, obviously there is no place for that.  Instead of hitting her, just make sure you have that prenup signed and let her find her way in the world without your (hopefully thriving) savings account.

Second of all, you have got to the be the dumbest motherfucker in the world to mess with the wife of a former football player.  Partially because they are obviously huge and whatnot.  But all this CTE talk tells me that these guys are playing with even less of a deck than they were during their playing days.

Third of all, I had to read the article three times to make sure that Petitgout wasn’t married to Jenna Haze.  Lets just say that when his wife is out of town, we know what his Pornhub search probably looks like.

Lastly, nice try by Petitgout’s lawyer acting all dumb about what Adult Friend Finder is all about.  I see you, Dennis.  I am not even sure what Pornhub is, I just blogged it because it SOUNDS like the best porn site on the internet.  Yeah, that’s it.