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Tom Brady Does Christmas Tree Decorating Right

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Little different from what I recall on Christmas tree decorating night. Maybe you guys were different but from my recollection it involved the kids screaming that they just wanted to go play with their friends, mom trying to get us all calmed down, and dad furiously looking through boxes of nonsense for the lights from last year. Once we wrestled to untagle the lights then plugged them in, we’d realize that they’d all miraculously broken while sitting in the basement for 11 months so he’d grunt and head out to buy more. By the time he got back we’d all be way over it so dad and mom would angrily decorate the tree themselves in silence.



The Bradys? They do it like they do everything: picture perfect. Biggest concern Tom has is how far he can get Gisele to bend over before she falls off the ladder. Little further… liiiittle further…. just push it back a bittttttt more, hunnie. Norman Rockwell is jealous of this family’s iPhone photos.