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It's All 125 Of Steph Curry's 3 Pointers From Their 24 Game Winning Streak For Your Viewing Pleasure

Steph Curry made 125 3 pointers in the Warriors 24 game winning streak. 125 for 269. Let’s put that in perspective vs entire teams for the season:

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 4.25.44 PM

Steph, after the loss, is now 127 for 277 on the year. He’s made more 3’s than the Nets have made as a team. And he’s not far from Minnesota, Miami, or Memphis either. And why? Because Steph is that much better than everyone else. If you have time (you do, you’re on this website afterall) go read this 538 column about just how good Curry is. His bad shots are better than most players’ good shots.

Leave aside the sharp drop on the right of the chart for a moment: Curry has hit 45 percent with a defender between 2 and 4 feet away, 44 percent with a defender between 4 and 6 feet away, and 47 percent with the closest defender more than 6 feet away. Yes, that’s right, Curry shoots threes about as well with a defender 2 to 4 feet away (classified as “tight” by NBA.com) as an average NBA shooter does with the nearest defender 12 feet away.

And this is eye popping as well:


Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 4.33.28 PM

Yea they finally lost, but man, it’s worth staying up to watch this team play. Sleep is overrated. s