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Joakim Defends D-Rose In Post Game Interview

Billboard on Edens by Touhy (thanks to Nick for the pic)


Why do people outside of Chicago hate Joakim Noah? I get that he’s loud and boisterous on the court, and yeah he’s ugly as sin but he has everything else you want in a player. He cares so much. He’s loyal to his teammates and city. He competes night in and night out and treats a game in December the same as a game in May. He is exactly the same as Kevin Garnett (obviously KG is better player overall) but I just don’t get it. He’s all heart and from all accounts a stand up guy. This interview just proves what he’s all about. The whole world coming down on his teammate and he tells everyone to fuck off. That’s the type of guy I would want to play with. Loyal to a possible fault. When the chips are down he’ll have your back times infinity, that’s a rare quality.


So what is it? I just don’t understand it. He’s a one of a kind in 2013 sports, yet everyone hates his guts outside of the state of Illinois.