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Dude Puts A Frog Wrapped In A Venomous Snake In His Mouth To Protest.......Something



I don’t know what this guy is protesting and I don’t care.  Shoving a frog wrapped in a venomous snake like it’s a bacon-wrapped filet mignon into his mouth isn’t the way to do it.  Write a letter.  Start a petition. Organize a sit-in.  March on Washington (or whatever the Washington equivalent is to where this guy lives). That’s how we here in a civilized nation get things done. Do literally anything other than make us watch while you have a weird animal sandwich crawl around in your mouth.  Part of me thinks he did it just to prove he could. He doesn’t care about the cause. He just wanted to show all the ladies out there that he’s not afraid to put anything on his tongue. How nervous was the frog though?  Dude was having a full-on panic attack with that snake wrapped around him. Trying to get to his happy place while the snake squeezed tighter and tighter. That video is yet another reminder that being an American and living in the U S of A is the greatest gift a person can receive.