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Serena Williams Won Sports Illustrated's Sportsperson Of The Year And A Lot Of American Pharoah Fans Are PISSED!


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Non controversial, dominated Tennis this year, good choice, but wait…..



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OOOOOOH BOY. Hell hath no fury like a bunch of horse people scorned. People are ANGRY at Sports Illustrated this morning. Got out of bed, went on their computer, saw that Serena Williams beat out a horse for Sportsperson of the year and immediately got MAD ONLINE. Now I actually am not one of the people mocking the horse crowd for simply being horse fans. I love horse racing and American Pharoah was an incredible once in a generation athlete. If he had won it would have been well deserved. Seeing Pharoah race in his final race at the Breeder’s Cup was a once in a lifetime sports moment. The scene was remarkable, a buzz you only get when the best of the best are competing on the biggest stage. But, with all that said, it still is a horse. Like do these people think American Pharoah is pissed he didn’t get the cover of SI? He’s a horse for christ sakes. A HORSE! He woke up this morning, was told he lost to Serena and continued to go on with his life being a Horse. Not to mention SI created this award themselves, they get to choose who wins and none of it matters whatsoever. It’s not like we’re voting on the President here. Just unbelievable that a Horse not winning a fake award can make this many people angry. I don’t think I can get this passionate about anything in life let alone a dying magazine’s made up award choosing a person over an animal. So bizarre.


“Honey, what’s wrong, did you have a bad day? You seem really upset”


“Sports Illustrated snubbed my favorite horse for Sportsperson of the year, I thought my fan vote mattered, it’s absolute bullshit!!!”



A real conversation going on in America tonight.




Gotta love the one weird dude at the party getting mad about a Racecar driver in a sea of horse people.


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