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The Dolphins Wearing Their 1966 Throwbacks Tonight Scares Me More Than Any Miami Player On The Actual Team

Well that’s a bummer. With the Giants in full desperation mode (especially after yesterday), the last thing I wanted to see was a dead team like the Dolphins getting some motivation and good juju thanks to some fire uniforms. But as us Giants fans know, nothing ever comes easy. Miami probably has all the bells and whistles ready for tonight’s game. I could see Dan Marino flipping the coin before the game. Larry Csonka addressing the fans at halftime. Snowflake kicking field goals as the crowd honors the 20-year anniversary of Roger Podacter’s death. Whatever it takes to turn the South Florida crowd into a frenzy. Probably some mastermind plan by Pat Riley to attract more NBA free agents to the Heat.

Also, if Tom Coughlin had any brains, he would meet with the Dolphins brass before the game and said if they want the Giants to take down the undefeated Panthers next week, they will lay down this week. Because make no mistake about it, Big Blue is the only franchise that can take down an undefeated team once they have gotten this much momentum. From the Kent Graham days in 1998 to obviously Super Bowl XLII. If Mercury Morris wants to be sipping on bubbly before the playoffs, he better have the Dolphins switch back to their new, boring jerseys and let the G-Men roll in Miami.