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Jordan Spieth Busted Out The Happy Gilmore Swing At A Pro-Am In Florida



Timeless.  Absolutely timeless. Nothing on a golf course gets a more consistent laugh than the Happy Gilmore swing. I’d say its success rate is as high as 95%.  People fucking love the Happy Gilmore swing.  Myself included.  You wanna ease the tension as you and your buddies are about to tee off for 18 holes?  Hit’em with the Gilmore and it’s instantly better. Doesn’t matter if you bomb it down the middle or swing and miss.  Might be better if you swing and miss actually.  Oh and you wanna feel super old?  Jordan Spieth was 3 years old when Happy Gilmore came out.  Soon there’s gonna be pro golfers doing the Happy Gilmore swing who weren’t even born when the movie came out. Or god forbid there’s gonna be golfers who are doing the swing who haven’t seen the movie. I’m not sure that’s a world I wanna live in.








Actual GOAT





By the way, I had no idea who Jake Owen was before this but this is a hilarious thing to have in your Twitter profile


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“What’s my location? Beachin”