Gronk Does Everything He Can To Keep From Laughing At Josina Anderson Saying "69" Multiple Times






Just incredible. Sneaky one of my favorite videos ever, I keep replaying it and giggling my ass of like it’s baby laughing video. Gronk was legitimately jumping out of his skin he wants to laugh so badly but he’s holding it in like a kid in church. I can just imagine his inner thoughts.


Whoa! Did she just say 69?! Hahaha love that number! Wait, focus….


WAIT DID SHE SAY IT AGAIN! Hahahhaha! No, get it together, Rob. Don’t laugh. Don’t laugh. Don’t laugh. Hold it in!



It doesn’t get better than Robert Gronkowski. He hears 69 like a dog hears “Wanna go out?!” Nothing in the world makes him happier.