Hey Lebron, We Aren't Milwaukee


What a fucking win. No one in the world thought the Bulls could win tonight. But this team just does not quit. Every single one of them. Jo, Jimmy Buckets, Bellinelli, Nate carrying the team down the stretch and basically solving their Achilles heel (crunch time offense). Unreal win. And yeah, I know it’s just game 1 and no one has ever won a series in 1 game but if you aren’t enjoying this ride then you are insane. This team is so fucking likeable. Every single one of them. They never quit, Thibs won’t let him. Now we have homecourt. Unreal. Remember getting blown out by 40 in Sacramento in March? That feels like a 50 years ago.


Cry Bandwagoners, cry.


Double PS.

Jimmy Butler has played the last 3 games without coming out even for a second. That is absolutely incredible.