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Tom Brady Has No Time Whatsoever For JJ Watt




Tbh probably the highlight of the night.


“Hey, Tom, big fan. Mind if I grab a pic and a little PR hit and a hug and did I tell you my hand is bro– hey, where are you going? Tom?”


JJ played it off like a champ though, I’ll give him that. Made that hard left pretending he was going elsewhere, like when you walked into the high school cafeteria looking for your friends but they weren’t there, so you just pretended, “Oh no I wasn’t looking for anyone, I was going in a totally different direction to eat lunch by myself in the bathroom the whole time.”



Tom only shakes hands of the guys who played, JJ. He didn’t see you all game, were you even on the field?



Update: I guess they shook hands later. Don’t care, don’t want to hear about it. Brady was probably forced to by NBC under the threat of death. Probably a photoshop anyway.