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Plunge 4 Pete Is A Week From Sunday



Click To Support Team Barstool at the Plunge and Pete Frates


The Plunge 4 Pete is coming. This will be Barstool’s 3rd year participating in it. Kind of crazy how famous he’s become since we did Pete’s Plunge the first time. It’s actually an event I’ve gone from dreading (just cause I hate cold water) to looking forward to and feel lucky to be a part of. It’s always great to see the Frates family, there is always a great crowd and it’s obviously for a great cause. Barstool donated 2,000 for the plunge and I’m hoping Stoolies can at least match it. I know we’re asking people to support a bunch of causes lately but it’s the holidays for Christ Sakes. No better cause than our boy Pete Frates.  Also if you got nothing going on you should sign up, raise money and come plunge yourself.