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Conor McGregor Knocks Out Jose Aldo in 13 Seconds

I’ll tell you what. The last 2 MMA Pay Per View events I’ve ordered have delivered and then some. The Rousey fight and tonight. Anybody who complains about not getting their money’s worth is a moron. That was AWESOME. Conor McGregor is officially the most electrifying fighter on the planet. That goes for both boxing and MMA. Must watch stuff everytime he steps in the ring. Yes I’m on the record as being a boxing purist, but right now the action is all with MMA. Nobody can argue that. Guys getting knocked out left and right. Hell I think Chris Weidman died in the ring in the co main event. I felt like I was watching a cock fight in Puerto Rico where they don’t stop it till the rooster is dead. Incredible/disturbing stuff.

PS – How about Aldo saying it doesn’t count as a real fight because he got knocked out in 13 seconds. Pretty sure that counts dude. It’s not like you slipped and fell on a banana peel. You led with your face and got knocked to the moon.