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If You Had To Choose One, Which Of These Classic Christmas Movies Would You Kill Off?

So we have another pick your poison question, this time with some Christmas spirit attached. If you had to choose one of those movies to be completely destroyed and wiped off the face of the Earth, which would you choose?

If it was me, I am choosing Home Alone 2. I still remember seeing it in the theaters. Home Alone was my favorite movie growing up and I was stoked to see the sequel. And I vividly recall just being heartbroken as I left the theater as the credits rolled. Was it entertaining? Yes. Were there some hilarious moments (like the brick scene or the “smooching everybody” scene)? Definitely. But at its core, it was just a lot of recycled plot points and jokes, while simply not being as good or as funny as the original. The same thing happened a few years later with Ace Ventura 2. Was it a victim of the success of the first one? Maybe, but I stand by my selection.

I can also make a case for Elf, since the ending kinda drags around the time it starts getting sappy around Central Park. I guess you can make the case that Home Alone and Christmas Vacation are the oldest of the four, so maybe they don’t age as well? I don’t personally think that’s the case, but I’m just trying to play devil’s advocate here.

So again, the poll to vote is below. Choose which one of these classics you want to kill. And then watch all four of them at some point in the next two weeks as a penance for even dreaming of killing any of them.

For some reason, the only way you can click “See Previous Responses” is by opening it in a new tab/window. This is the last time I use this little rinky dink company named Google to handle my polls.

P.S. Die Hard is better than every single one of these movies and is just as much a Christmas movie as the other four.