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Do I Have A Stalker? And Should I Be Concerned That I Will Some Day End Up As A Skin Suit?


So this happened on Friday night. I basically drank myself into forgetting it this weekend because I was scared half to death. I mean that’s me right? That’s my face on someone’s arm in a tattoo parlor? Someone named “Pretty Ricky”. That happened right? I’m not just imagining this.


So I guess the question now is, how long until my cut up body parts end up in someone’s freezer? 1 month? 2 months? Do I at least get to enjoy this summer? I have Lolla tickets and I was looking forward to that. Either way, I think this is curtains for Big Cat. It’s one of those not if but when situations. Not if I get murdered and end up a skin suit, just when. Because a tattoo is step 1, step 2 is not going to be as painless.


I hope this guy isn’t a lefty.


Double PS
Only bright side I can see here is that the guy clearly has a million friends right? You don’t get that many friendship bracelets without being pretty popular. So at least he has a semi-normal life? Right? Someone help me here.