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Jason Heyward Contract Numbers Released - 8 Years, 184 Million, Two Opt Out Clauses


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I’m having Carl do a full breakdown for tomorrow, just know we were texting and he is in LOVE with Heyward and I trust Carl more than I trust anyone else in the world when it comes to baseball.  


Like I said in my blog this morning I didn’t want Jason Heyward for north of 200 million dollars and 10 years. Well the Cubs came in under on both those accounts so I can’t be anything but very happy. Two opt out clauses with the first coming after 3 years when Heyward will be 29. Could obviously see a scenario where he opts out then at that age if the market changes for him. 29 is still a young age to be a free agent. Now obviously Jason Heyward is getting overpaid a little here, every free agent deal overpays, anyone who doesn’t recognize that is being foolish, but remember, this isn’t Albert Pujols signing a 10 year deal at 32 or something, he’s 26, that’s the number you overpay for, knowing you have 6 years of prime left in him. Great day for the Cubs, great fucking day. Let’s fire it up even in December shall we?





Oh and any Cardinal fan saying they were smart to pass, just not true. Literally were in it till the bitter end. J-Hey picked Chicago over St. Louis after the Cardinals gave up 4 years of Shelby Miller for 1 year of Heyward. Damn it feels good to be a gangsta.



ST. LOUIS • After a series of negotiations that pitted two archrivals against each other for one right fielder, Jason Heyward has agreed to sign with the Cubs over the Cardinals, three sources familiar with the negotiations confirmed.

The Cardinals were notified they were not his selection, The Post-Dispatch first reported. They had remained aggressive with their offer until there was a final decision.

The Cubs intend to play Heyward in center field, at least to start 2016.