Buffalo Wild Wings Is Coming Out With Mountain Dew-Flavored Wings For Bowl Season

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Yahoo!- I love writing about fast food but every once in a while a fast food chain will unveil a concoction that will make me gasp. Such was the case last night when I stumbled across the news that Buffalo Wild Wings has actually created Mountain Dew-flavored chicken wings that it will sell for a limited time starting on December 14th. Here is B-Dubs’ official description of the wings, which are being sold to coincide with the Citrus Bowl college football game being played between University of Michigan and University of Florida on New Year’s Day 2016: “To celebrate the Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl, Buffalo Wild Wings partnered with Mountain Dew to create a limited time only sauce – Zesty Citrus. Available in restaurants from December 14, 2015 throughJanuary 2, 2016, the bold citrus flavor of Mountain Dew was infused with lemongrass and spicy red pepper-flakes to create a blast of sweet and spicy that will leave Guests asking for more



These wings sound so fucking disgusting and I hate myself for thinking that way.  If these had come out 10-15 years ago I would’ve been all about Mountain Dew-flavored wings.  Hell yeah. Give me 50 of them. Because back then I would think, “Okay. I love Mountain Dew.  I love wings.  Why not smash the two together?  There’s no way that’ll taste bad.” What happened to me?  What happened to the kid who would eat the nastiest combinations of foods if his friend said they’d give him one dollar?  I miss that guy. He was a good dude.  I was a lot more advetrueous with the things I’d stuff my face with back then.  Now?  Now I know what I like and I know what I don’t like and it’s hard to talk me into anything even remotely risky. Mountain Dew wings are a huge risk. HUGE.   When I get wings I get half teriyaki and half just normal hot wings.  That’s it.  That’s what I get.  I’m not changing. I know what I like now. It’s probably for the better cause I don’t risk spending money on something I hate. But I do envy the kids in their teenage years who are gonna be all about these Mountain Dew wings.  Live it up, kids. One day you’ll become an adult and it sucks balls.