Rory Officially Engaged To Erica Stoll As She's Seen Wearing A HUGE Rock

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USM- Forward swing! Golf champion Rory McIlroy is engaged to his girlfriend, Erica Stoll, after less than a year of dating. The pro athlete brought his pretty, new fiancee to Paddy Wallace Fund event in Belfast, Ireland, on Thursday, Dec. 10, where Stoll sported a giant diamond sparkler on her left ring finger. The couple coordinated outfits for the swanky affair with McIlory in a black suit and Stoll in a one-shoulder matching cocktail dress. Speculation about a possible engagement between the pair began last week when McIlroy, 26, posted a romantic photo of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.




That Nike money good.  God damn. That is a giant rock. That’s the type of rock when Erica shows it off to her friends they’ll all act super excited and happy but deep down will be PISSED they didn’t get a diamond that was even 1/10th the size of hers. That’s what happens when you get engaged to a guy worth an estimated $400M. I’ve been thinking more about Rory’s latest engagement and it makes a bunch of sense that it’s to a girl like Erica Stoll instead of Caroline Wozniacki.  It’s the same problem Tiger had when he was dating Lindsey Vonn.  It’s impossible to date someone who is also a professional athlete/a famous person if you yourself are already a professional athlete/a famous person.  It’s the reason 100% of celebrity marriages fail.  For one thing both people are too busy living their own crazy lives to spend enough time with each other.  Coordinating one professional athlete in a relationship has to be tough enough. Two of them?  Impossible. They never see each other. Then there’s the part where one person is jealous that the other person is more famous or successful than them.  That straight up can’t work.  And that’s why Erica Stoll is perfect for Rory. She’s not famous or a professional athlete.  She works for the PGA. She can always be around. Maybe this one will actually stick for Rory. Or my first theory is still in the works and he’s planning to break off the engagement in March then win the Masters in April.  That is still very much in play.