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A Very Hot Take On ISIS Highlights This Edition Of Top P-hub Comments Of The Week


If it’s Friday, it’s Top Pornhub Comments of the Week. A time when we can all come together and be thankful that despite being a giant group of degenerates, at least we aren’t commenting on internet porn. Despite what anyone tries to tell you, at least you don’t belong to the most bizarre group of people on the internet. So without further ado, let’s get right into this week’s batch of bizarro.

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SlappyMcFappy has never poured himself a owl of Honeycombs then because nothing gets me harder than a nice big bowl of Honeycombs.

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Not that this is a great comment or anything, but yesterday was the one year anniversary of Chrissy Teigen murdering a man.



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If you wear a fedora, then you are a boner. Simple as that.

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Glad to see people still able to squeeze in a jerk sesh during finals week. Adderall is a helluva drug though.

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Quite possibly the most insane thing I’ve ever read in the Pornhub comment section. If you rate things on a scale of 1-7, you are a certifiable psychopath.

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Now I feel like shit because I’ve never once been hit on by a gay dude in the gym locker room.

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Yo, I fucking agree with this. Despite your stance on accepting refugees into our nation, you can at least agree that ISIS dudes plowing through our daughters is a bad thing.

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The pure definition of Mailtime right here. ScrotieMcballs started off like he was ready to dive into an entire thesis paper on this pornog, realized that shit wasn’t worth his time, yada yada yada, the end. Love it.

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Let me use this extremely weird comment as a time to highly recommend that if you haven’t seen Creed yet, that you do so immediately. A+ flick.

And that wraps up this week in freaks and what a week it was. As always, feel free to send any comments you come across to @BarstoolJordie on Twitter. It makes my life a whole lot easier and I feel much less shitty about myself when I know I’m not the only one hunting down porn comments. Hope all you perverts have yourselves a great weekend. You’ve earned it.