The Celtics Are Going To Beat The Warriors Tonight And Here's Why

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To be perfectly honest I started writing this blog convinced the Celtics had the perfect match ups to beat a not 100% Warriors team tonight until I started doing some research and saw everyone and their mother picking the Celtics to pull the upset as well. I also realized this Warriors team is the basketball equivalent of the Patriots. They are clearly the best team in the league and, barring a major injury, are going to win the World Championship for the 2nd year in a row. Every team they play treats the game like the most important of the season and when all the experts say they are going to get upset they usually come out and smoke that team by 40. Like the Patriots against the Broncos a few weeks ago though, this Warriors team is not at 100% and the Celtics do actually match up pretty well against them so here’s what the Celtics need to do if they are going to beat the Warriors tonight in Boston.

1. Force Turnovers

Probably the only “weakness” the Warriors have shown this season is that they turn the ball over alot (7th in the league) The Celtics are #1 at generating tunrovers and are excellent at traps and forcing turnovers in the back court. Force a few turnovers early, make the Warriors slow the game down and play at the Celtics pace, win the game, fuck bitches, get money.

2. Make Anyone Other Than Steph Curry Beat You

Again this is like saying “don’t let Tom Brady control the game and dominate you in ways you didn’t even know existed” it rarely rarely happens  but occasionally it does. Klay Thompson playing or not is obviously the key here because if he’s not playing then Avery Bradley can concentrate solely on shutting down Curry, leaving Draymond Green to be the guy for the Warriors and I like the Celtics matchups with Sullinger and Lee against him. Plus I feel like Lee has some secrets he picked up playing in Golden State the last couple of years that he can share with the guys to help them win (kind of a reach but I have dixie wet brain so bear with me)

3. Win The Bench Battle

This is going to be what ultimately decides the game tonight in my opinion. The Warriors bench is great but they are also missing Harrison Barnes. The Celtics biggest strength is that they have 2-3 guys that could all be the 2nd or 3rd best player on a championship contending team, if Thomas can have one his lights out games and either Crowder, Turner or Sullinger can have an above average performance I think this game is going to come right down to the wire which is where Thomas shines

4. Don’t Let Them Bukake You With 3’s

Just like Big Cat said the other night on the rundown the Warriors are masters at Bukaking you with 3’s, stepping on your throat and ending the game. One second you’re sitting there happy as can be up 10 and the next the Warriors are standing above you splashing 3 ball loads all over your face. There is going to be a time when the Warriors are going to try and do this tonight, just pray they miss on some of those loads and the Celtics can weather the storm.

Pray Steph Curry Has An Off Night

Steph Curry is the most gifted basketball player I have seen in my life. Yes Lebron and Kobe and KG are all obviously great as well but they are all also physical specimens, Steph just does it with natural ability, skill and shooting accuracy the likes of which have never been seen before. However if Klay Thompson is out, all of the scoring burden is going to be on Curry who will be guarded by one of the best defenders in the league in Avery Bradley. Maybe just maybe Avery Bradley can get up in his grill early, make Steph force up a couple bad shots and rattle him (if that’s even possible) and force him to pass the ball more and make someone else beat us. Shooting up a prayer to the guy upstairs couldn’t hurt though because all those things I just mentioned have yet to happen to Steph so far during this MVP season he has been having.

Again at the beginning of this blog I really thought the Celtics were going to shock the world and pull off the upset against the Warriors. However once I realized the Warriors were the Patriots I also realized that this game is the equivalent of the Bills game at the beginning of the year, everyone LOVED the Bills and the Pats came out and dropped 100 on them. Obviously I don’t want that to happen and do think  the Celtics are going to win because I am a homer and love the Celtics but it would no longer shock me to see Steph Curry and the boys come out and win by 40. Go Green.