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What Are Everyone's Thoughts On Jason Heyward Potentially Signing With The Cubs?

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Alright, since Jason Heyward is taking his sweet ass time deciding what team to sign with I figured let’s at least discuss his free agency and how it impacts the Cubs.


First off, I know this will be impossible to prove but I’m going to say it now so people can’t say I’m being bitter after Heyward ultimately signs. I honestly think Theo and Jed are purposefully driving the price up on Heyward so the Cardinals have to pay extra. That’s the Theo difference. Not saying they don’t want Heyward, they would obviously love a 26 year old stud centerfielder, just saying I don’t think the Cubs want him at the price he will go for. I’ve seen anywhere from 8 years to 10 and cash over 200 million dollars. Even at 26 years old, that’s a heavy investment. So if you’re Theo and Jed why wouldn’t you try to get in the mix and make your rival go the extra year. Push the Cardinals to that 10 year 200+ million dollar number. Make them feel like they’re going to lose out on their guy, after finishing second in the Price sweepstakes and letting the Cubs sign Lackey away (who was their best pitcher in 2015). Like I said, we’ll never be able to prove that this was the plan if Heyward signs with the Cards or Nats, I’m just saying this is what my gut is telling me.



As for Heyward himself, I’m torn. Obviously he’s a great player and if you put him in center field you now have 6 starters 26 years old or younger. Kyle Schwarber, Jason Heyward, Jorge Soler, Anthony Rizzo, Addison Russell, Kris Bryant. That’s insane. That core all coming into their prime together would be incredible. So yes of course I want him, his skill set would actually be a nice fit for the Cubs. You don’t need home runs from him because you already have home runs in the lineup, he gets on base, runs well, and plays plus defense. So everything on the surface says, I want that guy. But these Cubs are different. The need or want for a big splash signing just isn’t there, at least not for me. This team is so young and full of talent that I don’t feel like Jason Heyward is make or break to their success. Would I like him? Sure. Would I be heartbroken and pissed off if he signed somewhere else? Hell no. It’s a weird spot. For the first time ever I just don’t feel the urgency. I truly believe these Cubs are a World Series caliber team with or without Jason Heyward. Bizarre realization to have, that the Cubs don’t need to get the marquee signing to get over the hump, but that’s where this team is at in my eyes. Jason Heyward at 7 years under 200 million dollars? Absolutely. 10 years north of 200, no thanks, let the Cards take that. But most importantly I think this roster is going to be fantastic in 2016 and years to come with or without Jason Heyward. That feels real nice to say.





Seriously thank Theo every night before you go to bed. Jason Heyward is a free agent at 26 years old because the Braves were dumb and started his service time on opening day. That could be Kris Bryant if Theo was an idiot and listened to the morons of the world. Instead he didn’t and now we have Bryant for an extra year. Insane that was even a discussion on opening day, I still can’t believe there were people who thought Kris Bryant should have started the season at Wrigley.



And no it’s not because Heyward did this to Zambrano on opening day that year. Miss Carlos a little bit.







And I will say this, Heyward signing with the Cubs would be fun just for the Cardinal fan reaction.


h/t @BestFansStLouis

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