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Who Wins In A Fight, Jose Canseco vs Shaq?


So I guess this is an ongoing feud. Jose Canseco trying to goad Shaq into a fight. Have to admit the “Hey Pussy” tweet out of absolutely nowhere might be my favorite tweet of all time. That was the first one of the day, “hey pussy”. Love it.


Anyway, if this ever happened (which it probably won’t), who ya got? Shaq is obviously a monster of a man but he’s also probably fat as shit now, where I’m pretty sure Jose still does steroids like every single day. Wakes up in the morning, puts a needle in his butthole, does a thousand bench press sets and tweets nonsense all day. Then again, we’ve seen Jose fight, not exactly Mike Tyson in his prime.


So who ya got? 1 for Jose would beat Shaq with his steroid fueled body and 10 shaq would beat jose even though he’s basically obese.


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Jose spent the rest of the day trying to intimidate Shaq with pictures. Mission accoplished Jose, whoa.