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Famous Feminist Writer Calls Taylor Swift An "Obnoxious Nazi Barbie" And A "Scary Flashback To Facist Blondes Who Ruled The Social Scene"

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(Source)Camille Paglia has written a scathing critique of Taylor Swift, referring to the singer as an “obnoxious Nazi Barbie” whose “twinkly persona is such a scary flashback to the fascist blondes who ruled the social scene during my youth”. Paglia, known for seminal feminist works such as Sexual Personae, criticised the singer for perpetuating elitism and undermining female empowerment by surrounding herself with a group of girls who were simply “performance props”. Swift is known as the ringleader of a sisterhood of actors, models and singers, such as Selena Gomez, Lena Dunham, Cara Delevingne and Karlie Kloss, who Swift often refers to as her “girl squad”. Many joined the singer on stage during her tour for her latest album, 1989. Paglia, 68, condemned this as “exhibitionist overkill” by the singer.

I’m not going to keep defending Taylor Swift too fiercely. I know some people hate her personality and that’s fine, I too can admit that it’s a bit much at times. She’s kinda like having a girlfriend: I love certain parts of her but there’s the annoying shit too, and when your friends point out the annoying shit you just nod and say, “I know, I know.” If you want to call her obnoxious, so be it.

But how ’bout this Camille Paglia lady? What a perfect feminist. Taylor Swift is a Nazi because she’s a pretty blonde who has hot friends and that gives you flashbacks to the days when the Mean Girls used to make fun of you? When Paglia sees a hot girl hanging out with her friends she remembers the days of getting made fun of in the lunchroom like it’s a PTSD flashback to Normandy? Jesus Christ. This is why no one takes feminism seriously anymore, it’s not about equality, it’s about fucking losers tired of being fucking losers. You don’t want the pretty, popular girls to be able to be pretty and popular. Honestly, think about what you said, Camille. You said that Taylor Swift sharing the spotlight with her friends makes her a goddamn Jew murderer. In what world is that feminism? If this were all still about girl power then you’d praise a woman for reaching the heights of her industry, breaking through that glass ceiling, and living her life how she wants. Instead, she’s a facist because she has fun with her sexy group of friends and Lena Dunham. Ooooook.

PS – Taylor Swift is Hitler’s dream. I will admit that.