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14 Year Old Canadian Kid Thinks He's Hot Shit Doing All Sorts Of Stick Tricks

Ohhhh look at me and my wonderful hair and expert eye-hand coordination, I’m soooooo cool. Fuck outta here! This is the real world, lady. Doing stick tricks doesn’t get you anything except GoPro sponsorships, national fame, and probably a whole lot of Canadian pootang pie. But besides that, fuck outta here! Am I jealous? YUP. Is this blog out of pure resentment that this 14 year old is better at hockey than I’ll ever be? YUP. But to be fair, he’s Canadian so he’s basically 28 because they get better at hockey double our speed up there. It’s like dog years. So in a way, it’s not even that impressive.

PS: Say “check this ooooot” one more time, I double dog dare you.