The Patrick Kane T-Shirt Competition, With New Shirts Now On Sale

I asked for submissions about a month ago, held off until we were ready to actually have one to release for sale. Anyway, you stoolies did not disappoint. Salt of the earth, and it starts with T-Shirt designing.

4. Patrick from Spongebob, Kane from WWF, 88. Simple, easy to understand. Perfect



3. Another Kane mask, bonus points for the incredible MS Paint work.

2. I’ve actually always wanted to wear a shit that is just a bunch of clip art and jpegs. Maybe next time.

1. Patrick Kane jerking off a hockey stick onto a sign that says “NHL Western Conference”. Artistic, cutting edge, topical, and frankly, the best shirt I have ever seen.


Unfortunately Pres didn’t go for number 1, so we came up with something else. Playoff Kane. Mullet and racing stripes. Any color you want. CLICK TO BUY HERE




The one sport I could beat Kane in is Mario Kart, guaranteed.