Iowa State Comes Roaring Back From 20 Points Down To Beat Iowa And Cap Off My Worst Sports Week Ever

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Worst fucking sports week ever.  First Hawkeye fans get their hearts ripped out in Indianapolis during a 22-play 9-minute final drive in the B1G Championship against Michigan State then Iowa basketball goes up by 20 points on #4 Iowa State tonight on the road and the Cyclones come ROARING back to win the game and storm the court.  Weird for a #4 team to storm the court when they beat an unranked opponent at home?  Probably but they knew what they were doing.  Worst week ever for Iowa fans so they were just rubbing it in. Nothing would’ve healed the B1G Championship wounds faster than a win against those fucking Cyclones and we had it. Jarrod Uthoff was unconscious in the first half and score 30.  He went cold in the 2nd half but Peter Jok stepped up. And then it all fell apart just like my sports fandom has over the last week. This sucks. I’m going to get ice cream.  Sports are stupid.





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