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So There Might Be An Issue At The Simeon/Morgan Park Game

We’ve got a thriller going on at 81st and Vincennes. The ultimate battle of can we get this old shitty hoop that we used for todays 3rd period P.E. class raised up from center court before the states #1 team can play the #2 team.

Lets dive into the timeline of Sun-Times reporter Michael O’Brien to see how it all played out.

Never a great sign when Robs confidence wavers well before tip off. But hey Morgan Park showed up so if they can figure this out then there will be a game.


Everybodys high school had that one janitor/utility guy that came up to be a hero at some point during the glory days. Whether it be if they unlocked the ball rack so you can play kickball or if they fixed the AC on a blazing hot 98 degree day they undoubtedly came up clutch at least one time.

Today is that day for Red Jacket.

You’re damn right it doesn’t look good Mike. The lift is down and Red Jacket is nowhere in sight.

Oh my god J.R. Red Jacket is back to save the day all revitalized and shit thinking that the crowd is cheering for him and not the Simeon players.

All he needed was another angle and the show will go on.

K, maybe not. I’m sure he gave it his all but it just wasn’t in the cards for Red Jacket to be the hero today. He throws in the towel after a valiant effort.

And that was all she wrote folks. Red Jacket couldn’t get the job done and the the game had to be postponed to tomorrow. Sad day for Red Jacket and the Simeon/Morgan Park faithful. The basket wins and the top 2 teams in state have to wait another day…if they can ever get the phantom basket to go away. Maybe with all that money D-Rose is eyeballing in two years he can find a way to get rid of the basket.