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A Group Of Dudes Dressed As Krampus Injured A Bunch Of Teenagers In Austria

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The Local- The teenagers were violently hit on the hands and legs with birch branches and whips. Organizers of the event and police said they did not realise that the event had got out of hand until witnesses reported that people had been assaulted. The Brucker Krampuslauf event was taking place for the 18th year and around 2,000 people came to watch the event, which features around 400 celebrants from Styria, Tyrol and Salzburg dressed in Krampus costumes. A Krampuslauf is often fuelled by alcohol. The father of one 15-year-old girl who ended up in hospital told the ORF national broadcaster that he was outraged by what had happened. “My daughter now has a cast on her right hand, both her feet are covered with welts and are swollen and bloody. This violence has nothing to do with tradition.” The four other victims are reported to be between 15 and 18 years old. The Red Cross sent three ambulances to the scene. Christian Kasbacher, one of the organisers of the event, said he only learned after it was over that people had been hurt. “Obviously it’s awful when people are injured at such a big event. Of course we will be investigating this, and speaking to witnesses.”



What the fuck is this Krampus shit that is all the rage right now?  There’s a movie coming out about it and now we’ve got lunatics dressing up as Krampus and hitting teenagers with sticks and whips. I guess it’s some folklore Christmas story where a demon comes and hurts kids who misbehave?  That seems a little intense and unnecessary.  Around these parts you just give a child a piece of coal if they misbehave.  We don’t send demons from hell after them.  By the way, fuck that Krampus movie that’s coming out unless they end up paying a bunch of money to advertise on the site then I take it all back.  That’s really the point of this blog. I’m all for horror movies and people getting their guts ripped out in horrible ways by demons.  That stuff is awesome and I’d be the first in line but not around Christmas time. That’s just obnoxious. Christmas season is about music and presents and over-eating and drinking way too much. Christmas movies are supposed to be feel-good stories like Elf and Jingle All The Way and The Santa Clause and Christmas Vacation.  Krampus is simply going against the grain for fun and I won’t stand for it*.


*I’m not gonna do anything real but I’ll pout and tweet mean things about the movie every time I see a commercial for it.  That is my promise to you.