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Klay Thompson Says Drake Would Beat Justin Bieber In A Game Of 1-On-1

Interesting stuff from Klay in this interview with DP.  Klay thinks that Drake would body up Bieber, which makes sense hypothetically. But does this look like a guy that would use his physicality in a game?

I don’t think so. Instead, lets do a quick breakdown of the players.


Age: 29
Height: 6’0″
Nationality: Canadian
Highlight reel:

Justin Bieber
2014 BET Experience At L.A. LIVE - Sprite Celebrity Basketball Game
Age: 21
Height: 5’9″
Nationality: Canadian
Highlight reel:

So Drake has the advantage in height, probably the advantage in age, since 29 isn’t in the “getting too old to ball” range. It’s more in the “I’m older and stronger than you” range. But again, I don’t see Drake being too physical with Bieber. Canadians are too polite for that stuff in sports outside of hockey. But Bieber has the CLEAR advantage when it comes to highlight reel. Then again, most of the Biebs’ career highlights seems like they were written by the producers of any North Korea propaganda film.

I am going with Drake for two reasons. One, Bieber is a lefty. I have said it a million times, but if you are a lefty point guard, your game is weird and probably stinks. Two, I know this may not make sense, but I just can’t get Charlie Murphy’s story about Prince on Chappelle’s Show out of my head. And since Drake is from the North and looks closer to Prince than Bieber, I am going with Drake.

Also, Klay is 10000% right. Drake would just body up Bieber and take care of business. I tried to talk this out and make it a game, but Bieber just doesn’t have the game or the tools to beat Drake, Hotline Bling dance be damned.

Prediction: 11-3 or 21-5, depending on what score they played to.

h/t Complex Sports