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The Giants Are About To March To Another Super Bowl After Tom Coughlin Did Jumping Jacks At Today's Press Conference


Just when I thought Tom Coughlin had officially lost his marbles like Tootles from Hook, he pulls a stunt like this and TOTALLY REDEEMS HIMSELF.  Look, I know the season has been a roller coaster ride from hell.  But like 610 wrote yesterday, hope is very much still alive for Big Blue.  The 2007 season ended in a Super Bowl because Coughlin changed his demeanor with the players.  And just when it looked like Tommy was on his way out after yet another excruciating loss, he pulled a few jumping jacks out of his ass to inspire the team, the media and the entire fanbase.  Every four seasons, the Giants play unevenly football (well they do that every year but bare with me), battle the Patriots in a classic regular season game, and somehow win the Super Bowl. It’s never pretty but always ends well.  G-Men fans were just waiting for some sort of sign that things were going to happen, like the goddamn Key Master in Ghostbusters.  Well here it is, folks.  Every America’s Game has that moment that changed the team’s entire outlook on the season. And today was that moment for the Giants.  See you all in Santa Clara!


P.S. My pick for the three Giants on this year’s America’s Game are ODB, JPP and DRC.  Nine letters, one goal.  LETS DO THIS!