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Major League Baseball is Doing The Right Thing By Suing WalletHub Over Their Use Of The Letter "W"

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Yahoo – Yeah, the latter is a real story, because according to Steven Overly of the Washington Post, Major League Baseball is now engaged in a legal battle with the financial advise website over their logo, which happens to be a W. According to MLB’s claims, WalletHub’s representation of the letter W may confuse fans of the Chicago Cubs and Washington Nationals, who own brand-based trademarks of the same letter. Of course, for the Cubs, a giant flag featuring a blue W flies outside of Wrigley Field following every victory. It’s also the source of merchandising revenue (as seen in the picture above) as it appears on several different items sold around the ballpark. As for the Nationals, who currently use the curly W as their primary logo, it’s a historic and merchandising trademark dating to the Washington Senators days.


You can never be too careful in protecting your intellectual property. The last thing MLB would want is free exposure and people thinking about their product at all times. That’s why they don’t allow their clips to be spread on YouTube or on blogs- you wouldn’t want people seeing too much baseball. And that’s why you sue companies to keep a stronghold on the letter W. Pretty important letter. There’s only 26 of them, so owning one of just 26 letters is a pretty big win for MLB. I mean think about it, what if any ol’ company got to use letters as their logo? Society would crumble. And as we know, MLB would never, everrrrr borrow an idea from an already existing company. That would be blasphemous.




So good for MLB for taking a stand for all that is just in the world. Down with WalletHub. #SaveTheW