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There Was A BIG Time Swat In The Iowa vs Iowa State Managers Game Last Night


Yikes.  Not the greatest of omens as the Hawkeyes head to the Hilton Coliseum to take on the #4-ranked Cyclones tonight.  Dude got SWATTED all the way back to Iowa City.  I wish I could say there’s a chance Fran McCaffery and the boys pull an upset on the road tonight but I don’t see it happening. Iowa is overmatched at every position. That swat could very well be the start of a bloodbath that continues into the game tonight. I don’t like this.  I don’t like it one bit.  Yeah Iowa beat Iowa State in football so that’s usually something you can hang your hat on but that game feels like a million years ago after the season the football team just had.  It’s more like we just had our hearts ripped out by Michigan State in football and now we get to watch our biggest rival stomp on our heads in basketball.  Good times good times. Flip side, if the Hawks do somehow pull off an upset then I’ll hopefully start to forget about last Saturday and the devil MSU fan that sat next to me.


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h/t BarstoolIowaSt