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DeAndre Jordan May Have Just Ended Greg Monroe

Just when I thought Jeremy Lin’s new haircut was going to be the best thing I saw tonight, DeAndre Jordan murders Greg Monroe in the stadium with the Spalding. Just absolutely disgusting. Can that even be considered a dunk? It was like the Dwight Howard Superman slam from the dunk contest.

More of a throw down than a dunk. But whatever, that is just semantics. The important thing is that Monroe’s family learns that their son was ended in Milwaukee by a guy who couldn’t decide if he wanted to play for the Mavs or the Clippers this summer. The family will likely be asking for donations to Greg’s scholarship program in lieu of flowers.

Also, nothing and I mean nothing will top the DeAndre burial of Brandon Knight.

Now we have a whole night of hoops (including a Godzingis game) plus a new episode of The Challenge: Bloodlines ahead of us. I don’t want to say tonight can turn into a 30 For 30 episode, but we are on the right path so far.