Jeremy Lin's New Haircut Is Electric


You think somebody was excited about the Wu-Tang news today?  Holy moly, the Yellow Mamba has finally gone Linsane down in Charlotte.  Lin looks like the guy in every samurai skit I have ever heard on a Wu album.  Or straight up Sokka from The Last Airbender.


OK, I admit that I have no idea about anything Last Airbender related other than the fact that the movie basically murdered M. Night Shamalamadingdong’s career.  But still, that IS Jeremy Lin’s haircut.  And while I would love to give Lin shit for his new cut, I imagine Charlotte isn’t exactly bustling with things to do for young Asian men.  Going to North Carolina after playing in New York, Houston (formerly Yao Ming country) and L.A. has probably been quite an adjustment for Jeremy.  Just be the guy with the new, weird, awesome haircut and see where it takes you.  I’ve seen people do more with less.

That being said, his new haircut is probably still better than Dragon Ball Lin



And DEFINITELY better than creepy, don’t leave your kids alone around him Lin



And of course, “I can’t believe I am playing this well, I own New York City, I am swimming in pussy, and two weeks ago I was sleeping on Landry Fields’ couch” Linsanity Lin



P.S. That chin band aid was the grossest thing ever.  And just the mere thought of Landry Fields makes me laugh my ass off.  Man those Knicks teams were fatally flawed.


h/t Shady_Nasty22