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Major League Baseball Is Encouraging Teams To Add New Safety Nets At All Stadiums






I like how the commissioner can’t force teams to protect fans, he can only “encourage” and “suggest” that owners add some new nets to make sure bats don’t fly into the crowd and cut someone’s face off. Meanwhile the NFL has a commissioner who doesn’t have rules and can just make teams and players bend at his will. Have a fucking spine, huh NFLPA? Grow some balls and maybe your lives would be a little easier.


Now having said that, fuck this rule. Because obviously every MLB team is going to follow through on this suggestion as “eh, fuck em,” isn’t the best message to send to your paying customers. Nonetheless, I don’t mean to be insensitive here, but if you get killed by a baseball when you’re sitting next to a field  and not paying attention where objects are moving at speeds of over 100 MPH then maybe it was just your time to go? That’s Darwainism. If you’re close to dangerous action and instead you’re playing Angry Birds on your phone, that’s on you. If everyone had just kept their head on a swivel while at a game then they wouldn’t have ruined it for the rest of us and forced us to watch the game through a fucking peephole from here on out.