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Language In The Legal Agreement For The Sale of The Wu Tang Album Says That The Members Of Wu - Or Bill Murray - Have 1 Opportunity To Steal It Back

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 2.04.20 PM

Well if this isnt the greatest contract clause in the history of legal documents, I dont know what is. Its like MJ’s For The Love Of The Game Clause. 1 year to complete a heist/caper to retain rights to the album, and the plot must be carried out by a member of the Wu Tang Clan or Bill Murray. How about that? Fuck Cappadonna, Bill Murray is the true final member of the Wu.

And so now that the world knows this, I need it to happen. I need Ghostface Killah and Bill Murray to team up as a burglar duo to break into Martin Shkreli’s safe and steal back this album. I need it all to be filmed, and I need it to be turned into the next Hollywood Blockbuster. Ghostface and Bill star in…One Night In Shaolin. The ultimate villain, the ultimate heroes. The ultimate storyline. And the craziest thing is, the dude who bought it is such a cocksucker they may go ahead and try to steal this thing back. Who knows.

PS – I know he’s not techincally Wu Tang but is this not a job for Method Man and Redman? Should have included that in the language. “Album heist” has Meth and Red written all over it.