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I'm Sure This Family's Neighbors Love The Christmas Light Show BLASTING Dubstep A Trillion Times A Day

TBL – Bob Witt, a Penn State engineering alum living in Schwenksville, Pa., has one-upped himself with his annual Christmas lights show scored to “Fight on State.” How much did this whole shebang cost, and how long did it take him to build? “Cost = way too much money — I really try not to think about it or discuss with my wife,” he tells The Big Lead, noting that this video was filmed with a drone. “I add more each year and I have been doing it for 7 years, so it is a cumulative cost (somewhere in the 10s of thousands). I start a little before Halloween and it takes every free moment I have to setup to be done by Thanksgiving day. I build electronics to run the display year round.”

I’m sure the neighbors LOVE ya, Bob! Is this more of a waste of money or life? I’d call it an even push. It’s a shame because I’ve been coming around on PSU, too. I was never really a PSU hater growing up. Hell, I even rooted for them when they had Lavar Arrington and Kerry Collins were lighting up the Big Ten. #2 Chauffy Fields was my speedy dark brethren. How could you not like them growing up in PA in the ’90?s with sweet, ol’ Joe Pa at the helm? But alas, more douchey confirmation that Happy Valley is more of a cult than Heaven’s Gate. Bob’s easily one of those “How can you tell if someone went to Penn State? Don’t worry, they’ll tell you” guys. You say ONE mediocre thing about the school or lifestyle to a him of Penn Stater’s and God help you. And don’t think about even suggesting JoePa didn’t do enough during the Sandusky saga around him. You don’t take the Lord’s name in vain on Bob Witt’s lawn.

Gotta give credit where credit is due – If I went to PSU, fuck graduating, I’d be lucky to survive. Happy Valley is an absolute warzone when it comes to la fiesta. I would’ve taken my time as a real life Van Wilder and go until the liver decided to check out. Would’ve clocked out at 20 and still had a better life than the alternative (now).