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Big 12 Drops The Hammer On Cupcake Schedules, Adds Rule That Forces Schools To Play A Power 5 Team or Notre Dame

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ESPNThe Big 12 announced Tuesday that it will require its members to schedule at least one game from another Power 5 conference or Notre Dame every year.

“Schedule strength is a key component in [College Football Playoff] selection committee deliberations,” Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby said in a statement. “This move will strengthen the résumés for all Big 12 teams. Coupled with the nine-game full round-robin conference schedule our teams play, it will not only benefit the teams at the top of our standings each season, but will impact the overall strength of the conference.”

The Big 12 also mandated that its members play no more than one game annually against an FCS opponent going forward.

The new rule won’t impact future games already scheduled. But if a Big 12 school has an opening on a future schedule, and that slate doesn’t already include a Power 5 opponent, the school must then add a Power 5 team.

One small step for the Big 12, one giant leap for the sport as a whole. Seriously college football is slowly but surely getting as awesome as it has the potential to be. Trashing the BCS bullshit and going to a playoff. Gradually tweaking scheduling rules to get rid of the cupcake schedules. Now if we can just get it up to an 8 team playoff we’d be bordering on perfection.

Doesn’t go into effect until 2019 because of contracts, but still….baby steps.

Sorry Baylor. Not sure if SMU, Lamar and Rice are going to qualify.

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This will be good for you though, trust me.

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PS – Can you schedule Kansas twice? Is that an option?

Still hilarious from last year.

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