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We Have A White Trash Tony Romo Fighting In The Parking Lot And Almost Getting Run Over By A Car

You honest to goodness have to be the biggest asshole alive to fight in the parking lot after a football game. I get caring about a football team, but to the extent you’d get your ass beaten/go to jail/get run over by a car? There’s nothing in this world that I care that much about. “Hey Nate we’re about to kidnap your mom, do something about it.” “Ughhhhhhh, seems like a lot of work”. You can’t even get me off my couch to go to FedEx Field, nevermind fight someone about the outcome of the game. But hey, good for these guys. You need to be passionate about something in life, and the white trash Tony Romo chose Walmart jerseys and a team from a city he’s never been to. There’s a better chance he voted for Obama than he can point out Dallas on a map. 5% chance he can point out Texas.

PS: Shout out to the driver of that truck. Want to pound of the hood of the truck, better have quick feet or you’re being flattened.

PS: The Skins fan took the L, but at least nobody got stabbed. Progress.