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Wednesday Afternoon Mailtime - Its Go Time!

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Super Producer BC is off doing other things like keeping another human alive so he tagged in your boy JJ for this week’s Mailtime. I went over to his apartment because my wife is now home full time and its completely cramping my steelo. Like I appreciate the fact that you’re 10 months pregnant and cant move but dont you know that I’ve gotta film videos of me doing touchdown dances to my rap song I recorded earlier this year? Dont you know I need to record multiple podcasts per day talking about jerking off and shit? Also, dont you know I need to actually jerk off multiple times per day? How would you like it if I just took up residency in your office and stopped you from doing all your excel stuff?

So yea I just took over JJ’s apartment and cuckholded him


We talk about working from home life, men vs women, married life vs single life, playing video games as an old man, the Victorias Secret show, assholes who ride Citi Bikes, and I talk about my all time worst life decision coming up in just a few weeks. Todays ep is basically one big send off for me into fatherhood. Last ever edition of Mailtime before I never ever sleep again and spend all my time and money keeping my daughter alive.

The past few weeks of Mailtime have basically been like an hour long therapy session for me as I have a mental breakdown over this impending life change, and this one might have been where I bottomed out. I think I’ve been able to fully accept and understand my fate after talking through it with myself on these episodes, so you’re all basically like mini-psychiatrists in my eyes. Next time I check in on the show, I’ll be a dad. See you on the other side.