Kanye Apparently Played His New Album For Lamar Odom In The Hospital And He "Loved It"


A couple things. One, I will go to the Bunny Ranch right this second and OD on a bunch of herbal dick pills if that gets me an exclusive listen to Kanye’s new album.  Hate on Kanye all you want.  Say he’s a douche bag and that his wife sucks and her family sucks and they’re all just pieces of pop culture garbage.  Fine. That’s fine.  But the bottom line is Kanye Omari West still brings the heat.  He’s one of the only dependable musicians on the planet who you know won’t disappoint when their album drops. I need to hear SWISH more than I need air in my lungs. If that means getting a pity listen after I’m found unconscious at a brothel then so be it. Two, this story about them playing Kanye’s album for Lamar in the hospital and him “loving it” more than likely isn’t even true.  I’m actually gonna go ahead and say it 10000% isn’t true. It’s called building buzz, people. Kim had to think of a way to talk about their beloved-yet-troubled Lamar at the dinner table while also pimping Kanye’s upcoming album. I appreciate the Kardashian family.  I really do. I respect their ability to use a famous pro athlete who was in a coma to sell records.  It’s genius. They really do have a gift.



That look when somebody starts to tell a story and you know they’re lying


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That look when you wanna stay in Kanye West’s inner circle so you play along



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