Busta Rhymes Crying At A Hot 97 Concert Has Rattled Me To My Core As A Hip Hop Fan

Page Six- Rapper Busta Rhymes turned into a cry baby after reuniting with his 1990s manager Mona Scott at his Hot 97 “Busta Rhymes & Friends: Hot for the Holidays” show.  “It was a very sweet, emotional reunion with lots of tears,” said a hip-hop insider.

In fact, we’re told Rhymes blubbered throughout most of the three-hour show.  “He cried a few times, but they were happy tears. It was a big night for him, and his face was pure happiness throughout.”


What is happening to this world of ours? I remember back in the day when rappers were making diss songs about killing each other and having sex with other rappers’ wives. Now we have a grown ass man crying on stage because he saw his old manager. 2Pac is rolling over in his grave right now (just kidding, he’s definitely alive on a beach somewhere. And I wish I could say the same about Biggie, but I am not that naive). At least Busta Bust will get his comeuppance based on the countless memes that #BlackTwitter will create. I am not saying that the Crying MJ meme has been replaced. But I am saying the Crying MJ meme, as well as the Washed Up Denzel Washington meme now have company.

Also, the fact that Busta Rhymes went to the same high school as Jay-Z, DMX and Biggie will never stop boggling my mind. That’s how I will choose to remember Busta. The young, hungry rapper that could rap as fast as a member of Bone Thugs while also carrying that New York swagger. Now lets take a trip down Memory Lane and remember the good times:

Woo Ha: I remember being amazed by how different Busta Rhymes was when this video dropped. I also remember being absolutely frightened of him as well.

Gimme Some More: Missy Elliott gets credit for the weirdo hip hop videos, but don’t sleep on Busta.

Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See: Seriously, don’t sleep on Busta’s weirdness.

Dangerous: So all his videos were basically just super zoomed in, weird videos shot with a fish lens, huh?

What’s It Gonna Be: No comment on what I may have done to myself to Janet Jackson while watching this video

Break Ya Neck: This song was great because it always led to some white idiots (myself included) swinging their heads at ridiculous speeds in an apparent effort to break their necks on the dance floor.

Make It Clap: Replace “swing heads” with “clap their hands like idiots” (again myself included).

Pass The Courvoisier: Replace “clap their hands like idiots” with “drinking Courvoisier like idiots” (thankfully I was smart enough to know I would hate Courvoisier if I everdrank it.).

Look At Me Now: Everyone said “Oh yeahhh, I forgot Busta Rhymes was still alive”.

And now this is what we have left. SMH.