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I Can Get Down With Mock Aussie Commentary Covering Real Life Sporting Events

It’s just English but more…fun. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll dance to the tune of a Merrill Reese “IT’S GOOOOOOOOOD!!!” or HK “That ball’s outta here!!!” (RIP) any day of the week, but it’s nice to have a switch up every once in awhile. And these (probably) drunk Aussies throwing out terms like wickets, shimmy, and goober is just what the doctor ordered. Anything’s better than the common, PC-drudgery of a normal sports broadcast which has become as plain Jane as it gets.

Still, the actual foreign broadcasts of sports will never, ever get old. Here’s one in Spanish and then Portuguese, assuming the latter is still a real language (Just speak fucking Espanol like normal, Portugal and Brazil). Love it.