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If You Actually Think This Is Jay Cutler Feeding His Baby While Drinking A Beer You Are A Moron Of Epic Proportions


So I guess this is a thing now? The internet just posting random people and saying they are Chicago athletes? Tuesday was Patrick Kane now today we have this. I mean come on. People don’t actually think this is Cutty right? It doesn’t even look like him. How dumb have we all become? I actually hate that I even have to post this, but its all over the internet and people are freaking out on twitter spreading it everywhere. So here it is. No that is not Jay Cutler, and if you thought it was for even one single second then you need to get your head, eyes, and brain checked because you’re a full blown moron. And for the record, feeding your baby and drinking a beer is a total boss move, how else are you supposed to do it?


As much shit as Barstool gets in general, we don’t just throw things at the wall and hope they stick*. This kind of stuff is so fucking dumb and infuriating. Sites trying to get pageviews from stories that aren’t even remotely true.



*Michael Vick at Foxboro, mulligan!