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Lane Bryant Closing The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show With An #ImNoAngel Commercial Was The Meanest Thing Ever






As an overweight person, I don’t like going out of my way to bash fat girls. It’s really not in my nature. But, guys, what the fuck am I supposed to do here? An #ImNoAngel campaign following an hour of staring at the hottest girls on the planet? That’s flat out rude is what it is. It’s like I was having a sex dream and you decided to smack me out of a slumber to say “Hey idiot, THESE are the girls that you might have a chance of fucking. Welcome back to reality.” Let me have my moment, you know?


Again, I don’t want to be mean but not being an angel isn’t really anything to brag about. I don’t run around bragging that I’m poor and have tits and shit, I have shame because I should feel shame about those things. You can’t just say “This is sexy. Don’t get it twisted,” it’s not an undefined word. That’s like Michael Scott declaring bankruptcy. There’s a process you have to go through in order to be sexy and just screaming it doesn’t get the job done. I’m no angel either but you don’t see me screaming it in everyone’s face and making them feel bad because they know I’m gross. Just keep to yourself and keep your clothes on like us fats are supposed to do.