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Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez Got Arrested For Beating The Shit Out Of A Guy On Halloween

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(Newser) He outran the Beast, but he might not be fast enough to escape the long arm of the law. NBC News reports Michael Vitar—who played Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez in 1993’s The Sandlot—was arrested last week and charged with beating a man handing out candy on Halloween. Prosecutors say Vitar—now a firefighter—was at a Halloween party in Los Angeles when he, a fellow firefighter, and a neighbor became upset that a 22-year-old man was walking down the street and handing out candy to children, according to the Los Angeles Times. The three men allegedly chased the victim down and “jumped” him.




Benny, what the fuck man? You were the cool guy that we all looked up to. It was Benny the Jet that made me think, “Hey, perhaps even though I’m a fucking dork some of the popular kids will hang out with me and be nice.” What the hell are you doing running around LA and beating up some 22 year olds bringing joy to kids?



But, even more that the shattered childhood dreams about how cool The Jet must be… how much does this suck for him? Yeah, I’m not selfish, I can look past the fact that this situation bothers me and think about how horrible it must have been for him. Any other life and this is a run of the mill assault of someone giving out candy on Halloween. You know, one of those things that happen all the time. But because it’s Benny he’s gotta deal with the internet going haywire, Twitter dicks making fun of him, cops saying “Come a long way from outrunning The Beast, eh Ben?” while he sits in a holding cell. Brutal, brutal situation. Do a couple of movies in the 90s, jump a guy 20 years later and next thing you know you’re comedy fodder for the entire internet. Tough life.