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UNC Fan Says He Got His Ass Whooped By Clemson Frat Bros at the ACC Title Game

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SHELBY, NC (FOX Carolina)A Shelby man claimed he was assaulted by a group of Clemson students during the ACC Championship game Saturday in Charlotte.

Ryan Pruett, 33, said he is a North Carolina fan, but was tailgating with Clemson fans when the incident occurred. Pruett said at least 15 males beat him after an argument. His injuries include a broken nose and a fractured eye socket.

Pruett said he woke up in the hospital later that night.

Pruett said his car was also damaged, along with personal items inside.

Damn, and they try to say the ACC isn’t a real football conference. Look at that face. That’s an SEC beating right there. Add that to the undefeated #1 team in the country and #1 seed in the Playoff and you’re looking at a conference that really came into its own this year. Tailgate beatings like this are all just part of the package:

Before the attack, Pruett said he was with friends in a parking lot using two permits. He described the scene as a normal tailgate with kids throwing a football around the lot.

Around noon, three chartered buses pulled into the lot, he said. He said members of a specific Clemson fraternity were on the bus. Pruett said the fraternity brothers told him and other tailgaters around him to tell him if they got out of hand or if their music got too loud.

“It was unreal how many cases of beer the kids were carrying out of the buses,” Pruett said.

Between 4 and 5 p.m., Pruett said the situation got out of control. Pruett said the Clemson students stole food from other tailgaters and even stole his friend’s generator. One frat member attempted to steal a liquor bottle from a neighboring tailgate, Pruett said. The man dropped the bottle when a woman caught him, causing it to shatter.

During that same time, three men and a woman were near Pruett’s vehicle when they tore off his UNC flag. Pruett said he exited his vehicle and confronted them. Pruett said they apologized and blamed their actions on alcohol.

Between 15 and 30 minutes later, Pruett said he and his friend were listening to the game in his vehicle. He said members of the fraternity tailgate opened the back hatch of his vehicle and started pouring beer in his car.

Pruett said he and his friend got out of their car and were met with 15 guys.

The next thing Pruett remembers is waking up in the hospital. [WNCN]

Kind of proves there’s no such thing as karma, when you can leave a guy laying like this in a parking lot –

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And still end up with this.

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Poor Pike.

Pruett initially said his attackers were gathered near a Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity tent, but the Pruett family contacted FOX Carolina Tuesday night and said they mistakenly identified the wrong fraternity tent when they first reported the assault.

Pruett’s brother also apologized to members of the Pi Kappa Alpha , stating that “it was a case of mistaken identity and as a brother of the victim I was quick to place blame. I can only offer my apologies to all officials of Clemson University and the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity.”