Last Night Steph Curry Went On Fire Using NBA Jam Rules For The Fifth Time This Season


Out of the many, many, many ridiculous stats that Steph Curry has put up this season, this is right at the top. I don’t know how often this happens, but I imagine five times in 23 games is off the charts good. I mean you are dealing with teams in an offensive era that fill up the bucket nonstop. You know how hard it is to go on fire in NBA Jam with only two players? And Steph is doing this shit in real life.  Hes the Human 8-0, 9-0 Run. Unbelievable.

And would you look at our boy Steph just getting COCKY.  I guess when you start 23-0 after teams and coaches were dismissing you over the summer, you can let off a little bit of steam.  I never thought I’d see the day where the Bulls‘ 72-10 record could fall, but here we are.  Also, the thought of the Warriors looking to tie the NBA record for consecutive wins (33 dating back to last season) on Christmas Day against the Cavs makes me straight giddy as an NBA fanboy. Presents, food, family, the Dubs making history, and hopefully Mama Curry dressed up as a sexy Mrs. Claus, jamming out the entire time.

Lastly, here are my top 5 NBA duos if there was a new NBA Jam out (And don’t tell me about the EA one for phones and tablets. EA ruined its own basketball franchise (NBA Live) and did the samw with NBA Jam. Acclaim and Iguana for life):

1. Steph/Klay: To be fair, even Steph and Luke Walton would have been number 1. But having to deal with Klay’s shooting as well as Steph basically would make the Warriors an unfair team. Based on how well Curry has played this season, that underhand lob from 3/4 court should have been like a 40% shot for him.
2. Westbrook/Durant: Just a dominant team from inside and out. Tall, long, can shoot, can dunk, can defend.  If your opponent picks the Warriors, you probably have to pick the Thunder just to level the playing field.
3. Godzingis/Melo: Some may call this a homer pick to have these two this high, but think about it. There has never really been a player like Kristaps Porzingis in NBA Jam (or the NBA for that matter). 10 in blocking, a 9 in dunking, and what, a 7 or so from 3-point land, which will likely rise once he starts shooting like he’s supposed to.  I am serious when I say that Porzingis could potentially one day become the Tecmo Bo and Madden Vick of NBA video games.  Not often does an 8-time All-Star and former scoring champion bring the team’s ceiling down. But here we are.
4. Chris Paul/Blake Griffin: A couple of seasons ago, this may have been the best team in the game. Paul playing the pest on defense while also dishing and swishing, while Blake could jump over the planet. But both have lost a little bit of sex appeal in the public’s eye. But they still have the raw ability to make the Top 5.
5. LeBron/Kyrie or Love: Not really sure who they would pair with LeBron, but both have massive weaknesses. Kyrie would fall down if you looked at him hard and Love is a player that is better in real life than NBA Jam. But LeBron being a freak of nature makes the Cavs a must-have on the list.

First 5 Out: Wizards (Wall and Beal causing small ball havoc), Spurs (Kawhi/Duncan, or maybe Aldridge?), Rockets (Harden and Dwight, but Dwight kinda stinks), Heat (Wade and Bosh are still All-Stars), and the Pelicans (Brow and Ryan Anderson would be the ultimate inside/outside combo).